Thursday, March 22, 2007

I have this habit of seeing beauty in everyday objects and capture that with my tool called a camera. I do not know when it all started...did it start when I used to watch sailing clouds...or when i used to walk in crowded markets to search for a reference for my college assignments...I have no idea. Or was it the case that there was not a single good looking girl in our class?? Oh yes that is why I used to love analysing negatives than the final bromides.
Anyway thanks to my Visual Communication lecturer who always thought I am interested more in the darkroom than in the class. But whatever I could exctract from his lectures has helped me a lot afterwords. Today this observation helps me to earn some money to buy my prime lenses.
I know where I want to go...only thing is the path which I have taken will take me there little late than the others but I am not bothered about whether I reach there late or before anyone.